Or what?
Or the one
being an alternative
to the means of transport
already existing and functioning.
Or the one bringing the possibility
of choice: you can travel in this way
or in that way. You can take this or
you can take that.

Or, at first, we have to define and
indicate what is an alternative to
the alternative transport, or what is
in this way”. What kind of transport is
already functioning here thus making the
existence of another, opposite and different,
system of migrating-relocating-displacing possible.

The system of transport already existing is the clickable transport. So the unclickable transport is an alternative to it.
The clickable transport is extremely simple. You only chose a place (or the name of this place) you want to get to, certainly among those which are available, you click it and you are already there, at once. Fantastic! Formidable! Exactly like in a dream. Exactly like in the case of the thinkable transport so much expected and desired: you close your eyes – say-think timbuktu – and in a moment you are there, in a moment so short it can be easily said you have arrived there at once, and the journey lasted not even a second - - - - - - - but you are there not in your mind, not in your imagination for it can happen you even don't know what and where Timbuktu is, so you won't see it with the eyes of your imagination – you are there absolutely really, physically. Without all well known nuisances of travelling. You don't waste time, money, energy, you make no trouble, you disturb nobody, either yourself, you worry about nothing, your are not under thread of accidents and collisions. In many a situation such travelling would be really welcomed. Commuting, for example, to work or to school. You wouldn't have to wake up so early, which is quite unbearable and so upsetting in late autumn ...... and how about those breathtaking sunrises? the horizon glowing and burning purple? soft hillocks and tousled trees slowly emerging from the blackness of the dying night? a bit of pity . . . . . . .
Of course, it's not hard to be imagined, that all words can be clickable and then we would have a chance to get everywhere and at once. What will we know about travelling then?
Nothing. We won't even brush the essence of travelling.
And what is the essence of travelling?
Relocation or relocating?
Relocation through relocating.
More or less toilsome pushing our body through more or less resistant space. And through the time too. As well as more or less toilsome pushing our mind through deserts and jungles of knowledge. I'm not sure if the word “knowledge” is a proper one. Maybe I should rather write “through intellectual deserts and jungles” or “through deserts and jungles of intellect” provided that mind and intellect are not two different labels for one thing, thus covering experiences which would be something more, or less, something different than just pure acquisition of knowledge..... but nothing comes to my head...... And how about wisdom?
So, the alternative transport (to the clickable one) would be (and is) an arduous wandering, on foot, maybe even barefoot - - - - - - - slowly, very careful reading - - - - - - to have time to look around, to look out and look in, to watch inside and watch outside - - - - - - to taste the words, to bite into them, to crunch, chew, grind them, and they would melt in the head like sweet chocolate - - - - - -

And then?
Because this is but a theory. Now the time has come for practice. How can I get alternatively to next page-screen?
Unhurriedly. Unhurriedly.

Is it the only alternative, or maybe one of many?
If it is one of many, or at least of a few, then what are those others like?