The reserve paradox is a variation of the observer paradox.
The observer paradox says that the observation itself has an impact on what is being observed and causes a distortion, what means that every observation contains an error.
How big is this error? They used to say and write: the more micro the world is, the bigger error – the more macro the world is, the less error. So, if we pass a certain point on this scale, the error of the observation is small enough to be neglected, and the observation can be considered as correct, it means giving us a true image of the observed phenomenon, because it has been disturbed imperceptibly.
Where are we on this scale, we and our miserable worlds praised as the best possible, unique and marvellous? Somewhere in the middle…

Well, it's not well, really...

Observations containing immanent and permanent errors do not horrify us. It looks like we are aware of this fact, and it doesn't bother us at all, and if we have to live with it then we go on living with it taking it easy. However, things we can't see have always been the most fascinating, things impossible have always been the most intriguing.

A reserve is a territory sectioned off, a closed area, where life and existence are to go on as they have been going on so far, changelessly. Everything within the reserve should stay intact.

Yet it's enough to think how big change in life and existence is to section the territory off and to close an area.
It's enough to think how can this land be isolated.. to imagine if it is possible to isolate it entirely... and so on....

Well, it's even much worse...

It's an exaggeration, isn't it? Nothing but complaining and lamentation. This territory is closed only for us. We have forbidden ourselves to enter it. Only we are not allowed to go there... Who are WE? A set of letters making a nasty word one has to be beware of?  Which one? The one that wants to replace and devour all other words, and be repeated endlessly getting everybody bored to death in spite of applying all possible typefaces? Which one is it?

Well, not bad... What a profound awareness of one's own nastiness...

What can we do?
Transform Liberland into The Reserve?
Or do nothing?
Not to observe and not to be observed?