The reserve is like a book. The book is like a reserve.
This is a metaphor.
The reserve is a book. The book is a reserve.
This is an exaggeration.
What is between a metaphor and an exaggeration?

A book is standing on the shelf. It is pushed in between other books. Somebody has chosen it. Right this one – due to some reasons. Takes it and begins to read. Does not dog-ear. Does not lick the finger. Has clean hands and makes no greasy fingerprints on paper. However not greasy fingerprints have been left because he doesn't wear white cotton gloves. Well, even white cotton gloves would make prints. Ultimately, if the number of such clean readers was big enough, the book would be worn out. Thousands of the most delicate openings and page turnings, and thousands of gentle touches will cause the total destruction (of course, it is important if this destruction takes place earlier or later). And there are people who like to match or underline something. There are people who like to make notes on margins. There are people who turn down page corners not to get lost in the labyrinth of the story. There are people who can easily tear a page away, for various reasons, often contradictory. There are also people who would destroy a book with great passion (and they often do so), regarding it more dangerous than plague germs, more poisonous than jararaca's venom. There are many more of them. They are so numerous they can be hardly mentioned, unless one is ready to devote time, or even life, to make a full list…

So, it would be better, if nobody read the book. Or only somebody who would make no harm to it. However it is not known what such harm would consist in. But what would the book be written for if nobody was going to read it? Would the following comparison be justified: what would the forest grow for if nobody was going to walk across it? The forest is growing. That's all. That's enough. Can the same be written about the book, or would it be an exaggeration to think so?

And if a library would be a reserve? The reserve of books? Or of itself, of a certain way of life which is sliding into oblivion? If one day in the future we finally learn to read the world, will we need books any more? Will we need a walking stick when we walk beautifully? Oh, sooner, much sooner we will be illiterate making out of libraries (and of books) inconceivable edifices of tenebrous function.

And if LIBERLAND is a reserve? What reserve?