C U L T U R E - ?

If the universal and foreign word (and notion) nature has its local and native equivalent wildlife, what is a local and native equivalent of the universal and foreign word (and notion) culture? If nature is considered opposite to culture, then what is opposite to wildlife? It can be tamelife. If tame is the opposite of wild – as everybody can easily notice culture can be more wild than wildlife while wildlife can be more tame (and gentle) than culture. Life will stay – as a common core.
Thus we will have the following proportion:

------- = --------

They have such proportion, those living beyond (behind) the fence and the screen. So what do we have here? Here, on the other side of the fence and the screen, or in and on the screen, but neither in nor on the fence – this is worth wondering, too.
Here there are but letters. Somebody looking here from behind the fence and the screen (so also from before (in front of) the fence and the screen) will say: oh, here is nothing but culture. Or will ask: and where is nature here? Somebody could also say: oh, here is nothing but nature. Or ask: and where is culture here?
If culture is nature here, and nature is culture, it is as if there was no culture and no nature – what is then?
Thus we will get the following equation:


Which has been known since the very beginning, so the whole disquisition above is not necessary. But let it stay. One day, like every other trash, waste, secretion or excretion, it will be recycled, recombined and transformed, and maybe something useful will emerge out of it, for example a bestiary, a bullshitiary, a letteriary...

But first of all, regardless the solution of this equation, there are no conflicts, this one and the others: form – content, body – soul, matter – spirit... Calmness. Quietness. Peace. Relief.