White. Rainbow. Dirty.
From white foam – Venus.
From rainbow foam – Maui.
From dirty foam – scum and lowlife.
Is it so?
Why does Maui come from rainbow foam? Maui should come from dirty foam, well, rather from the foam mixed with weeds, because this Polynesian trickster, a Pacific demigod was wrapped in seaweeds. Oh, the word Pacific sounds so inconvenient in his case. He was a real trickster, scoundrel, boor, lout, used to alternate noble deeds with vacantly cruel (at least from our, human, point of view).... So, it could be like that:
From white foam – Venus.
From rainbow foam – scum and lowlife.
From dirty foam – Maui.
Scum and lowlife from rainbow foam? Why not? If a lotus can grow out of hideous swamp, then scum and lowlife can emerge from miraculously delicate rainbow foam. As well as Venus. Which is more probably than she will emerge from white foam. From dirty foam she could emerge, too.
From white foam – scum and lowlife.
From rainbow foam – Venus.
From dirty foam – Maui.
And so on. Over and over. But let us not be deceived and cheated, let us not be bewildered and confused. Only scum and low life can emerge from a foam, any foam. Because a foam itself is but scum. Beautiful scum which clouds transparent colourless water which pretends to be a sky.