What's in the kiosk?
Cigarettes? But nobody smokes here.
Tickets for urban transport? But you don't have to pay for transport here. And there is no city here. No urban area. Is there a non-urban area? To have here non-urban transport? A non-city or a village? There is no village here, either, so there is no rural transport, either. And village with no doubt is not non-city (there is no non-city, there can't be one if there is no city)... Well, take it easy.
Souvenirs? There are no souvenirs, either. There is no need... Maybe for non-souvenirs. What could be a souvenir? An item that could be bought and taken home, put on a table or shelf to look at it and to recall? To recall what? Maybe to forget – that would be better. So, please-forget-me should be sold here... I wonder what they would look like. And what they would sound like. Yes, that's it: we refer to a look too much, with no doubt too much. We used to forget that a sound does exist, too...
There are no newspapers. And they should be. Should? Why should they? What would they write about? About what is going on in Liberland? Everything what is going on in Liberland has already been written. Only things that are written can be going on in Liberland – nothing that has not been written is going on in Liberland... So, they would write about what is not going on in Liberland, or what is not written. And there are numerous things that are not happening in Liberland (because they have not been written yet) so the newspapers would have plenty to write about. For example they could write about there is no river in Liberland – there is a sea, even an ocean (some say the smallest, some say the biggest in the world), but there is no river. Yes – they could write about numerous things that can't be found in Liberland. They could create the most fantastic theories, most improbable hypotheses not even trying to prove them. A sheer journalism of imagination. Phantom journalism. Phantom dailies and weeklies. Phantom because with absolutely no creative power. Nothing written in them would either happen or not happen. Such writing would have no sense at all, wouldn't it?

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However, having considered this, I came to the conclusion such writing not necessarily would be not needed and not desired. In fact Liberland, as a whole, is neither needed nor desired, so one newspaper would change nothing. But I can be wrong – if minus and minus give plus, can unnecessary and unnecessary give necessary? Or unnecessary squared. Yes, this is fascinating problem, it deserves to be presented in the column for great logic and mathematical problems. This newspaper would be titled “Ideas”. Not “Facts”, absolutely not... How about “The Bullshits?” Well, sounds interesting – worth thinking about.... however, an idea, something that has been thought up invented, completed, closed, written, is a fact, isn't it? something has been thought up – this is a fact; is a fact what has been thought up? an idea would be a thought-up fact, which is not the same as a real fact, a not-thought-up fact – but thinking something up is a part of reality, isn't it? All the more the whole reality is supposed to be but an idea, something thought-up... someone's invention – whose? - ours?
The KIOSK should be a phantom kiosk, too. Is it so?
And if I, or anybody, would like to know what's going on in the world, or outside, beyond, Liberland? Assuming there is something outside and beyond Liberland – the assumption Liberland fills the world entirely, is the world itself, not necessarily must be a false one.... If I am, or anybody is, fed up with Liberland, if I have, or anybody else has, begun to suspect it is a curtain covering a window?
Then let's try radio and television.
Writing and reading is a tortoise – listening and watching is a hare.