Can anybody be born Liberish? No. Nobody can be born Liberish. And if nobody can be of Liberish nationality, then there is and will be no Liberish nation. And if there is no Liberish nation, then no Liberish nationals can be born. That's simple.
It's very good there is no Liberish nation. If it were it would strut around like a peacock, it would patronize all other nations. This is what all nations do. Otherwise they wouldn't be nations, so it's not surprising. But you have to reprimand them, since they constantly and ceaselessly revile, affront and abuse all other nations, they elbow and jostle in all possible ways, discreetly and insolently, secretly and overtly.
If nobody can be born Liberish, then maybe anybody can become Liberish? No. Liberish nationals will never exist. Can anybody become somebody who doesn't exist?
And if there are no Liberish people, if they do not exist at all, who lives in Liberland, who are the inhabitants of this land? It is not the desert of a screen filled with texts. The biggest and proudest oak in this area wouldn't be growing in it if it was one.
However, when the first Liberishman appeared then in this very moment Liberland would disappear.