Who's there?
Is anybody there?
I'm asking. Like deaf and stupid. I hear no knocking and I'm asking. I hear no noise and I'm asking. I hear no scratching at the door and I'm asking. Deaf and stupid. And blind. I'm looking behind the LCD monitor and I see nobody. NOBODY.
WHO is there?
What am I asking for? Is there any good reason to ask? Maybe I'm interested a little bit, just a little bit, who you are, but writing frankly this is absolutely unimportant, an information of no significance at all. You are who you are. You can't be anybody else no matter how much you try, no matter what masks you put on, no matter how you disguise, no matter what faces you make ...... You are what you are. You can't be what you are not. Well, you can be whatever and whoever you want. It really doesn't matter to me since you will leave no traces, no prints neither footprints, nor fingerprints, nor mindprints ..... at least traces and prints that I could notice easily without disturbing the secret live of my computer ..... So, it may happen all these concerns, foresights and explanations are useless and not necessary. They may turn out to be just nice and exciting theorizing having no practical value and impact. They may not. A theory having no practical value and impact does not exist. Practice is just another side of theory. While a theory is just the other side of practice. Or vice versa. Doesn't matter. Quarrelling and arguing which side is more important is a waste of time. A very little waste of time. Not worth paying attention to it. Not worth considering. This is not the truth. Nothing is a waste of time. One can always learn something. However, learning the identity of NOBODY would be a very exciting task, almost koanic but not cyclopeic. I think neither of clever Odysseus, nor of dull Polyphemus. They are not the point. . . . . . . . . It would be beautiful, just beautiful, imagine: you arrive, you stay, you leave and there is no trace left. Nothing. As if you have never been here. You were here and I think you were not. You are here and I think you are not. Somebody's here and I think nobody's here. That's nice. Oh, that's really nice: to be in a way nobody knows I am – to stay somewhere in a way nobody living there knows I am there. To live leaving no traces at all. Oh, what a dream! . . . . . With no doubt and at once the following question would be asked: is there any fucking reason to live that way? has is any sense to be in that way? Or this beautiful, subtle, the subtlest dream would be taken as the indisputable evidence of extremely profound, even thorough dehumanisation: what an inhuman and devastated existence this would be! What a sick and perverted ideal: the invisible in the non-existing state – paying nobody no compliments, harming and hurting nobody, never saying sorry because never acting the way saying sorry would be needed – that's a nightmare! that's a real nightmare!!! OK, let them cry – let them feel offended and indignant – let them keep offending and apologizing each other – birds must fly in air, fish must swim in water – that's the way they must live because the are built and programmed that way . . . . . .

what can I see? what can I notice? I'm looking through the door open a crack and I shout loudly and boast that I can see the huge vast world around me

would I know who you are if you said your name? then I would know only your name
would I know who you are if you show me your picture? then I would know only your picture
would I know who you are if I heard your voice? then I would only know your voice
would I know who you are if I saw you? then I would only know your look
would I know who you are if you told me the history of your life? then I would know only the history of your life
and so on
and knowing all these things and many more other thins I would know only your similarity, never your identity - I could only say who you are similar to - I could never say who you are identical to – because you are identical only to yourself and I would never know you entirely - I would always know only some parts of you while some other parts will always be missing

Maybe I should ask: who are there? are there anybodies?
Then I would hear the answer: no, there are nobodies.
Why there are no NOBODIES? Why NOBODY is always one and the only? If NOBODY is one and the only, IT (?) can not be similar to anybody. What means, paradoxically, IT has no identity. Isn't it strange that we use the word identity to indicate similarity? If somebody belongs to a group, he-she-it is similar to the other members of this group. Only similar, never identical. If I can speak about your national identity, then I mean that you are similar to the other members of this nation, so it would be more convenient and more proper to speak about national similarity. So, such national identity (and any other identity of that kind, any group identity) is a false identity, a fake identity because only a personal identity is true identity as the only possible one. Since NOBODY can not be similar to anybody because IT(?) is one and the only, there is no NOBODY nation. Or NOBODISH nation. Or NOBODESE? . . . . . . But because of that NOBODY can only be identical. NOBODY can only be identical only with NOBODY. Holy crap! What a messy thing is this identity! The more simple something is the more messy!

But why I am the one who asks? Why you are not the one who is asking? Why aren't you asking? Even if we assume that a stranger is asked, that this is the right order (although we could quite easily assume that the reverse order is the right one – what has happened from time to time) we should indicate who is a stranger and who is a host, who is arriving, because this is not as clear as it seems to be.
Well, you could knock at the screen? and ask: WHO's there?
What would I answer then?