I sit down and take a look. Not at the street. No. In the slit between houses there is no street, no square, no other buildings. Dark blue sky at the top sloping down to the right, a dark blue wedge touching the edge of an old stone wall with cracked plaster flaking off. In the middle dark green hill, a gentle wave diving before having reached the right edge of the slit..... Almost like a flag..... This could be a Liberland's flag: three patches of non-uniform colours changing their tones, dyes, saturation and intensity – yes, not stripes, but patches, just patches which are not regular polygons.... A flag-view instead of a flag-symbol. Or a flag-abstract-picture. They will not understand. They will try to find some symbolic meanings in this most ordinary view. And they will find them. Sooner or later. They will transform this ordinary view into an ordinary symbol composed of the most simple and regular geometric figures in no way connected with any ordinary view...... An old roof, a bit warped and sunken could replace the old wall. Made of tiles. Not so bright red, rather dull, however not yet dead, more orange red than brown red. Such a roof would suit well...... How nice this is not a flag, this is just a view. An ordinary view.