Well, your choice is quite limited. Either READING ROOM or CATALOGUE. In the reading your choice will be even more limited since there is only one book available. Only one and not entire. This book is neither damaged nor torn into pieces, nor it is ancient and excavated as a part of something bigger and more bulky. No. This book has not been finished yet. Or maybe even this book is infinite. 
An infinite book.
It sounds much better than just not finished book.
A not finished infinite book?
A redundancy. An exaggeration.
Although quite suspicious and provocative. Why this book in particular and not the other one? This book, if it only wanted, could be a basic book, a fundamental book, the-first-and-the-only book, a source of all inspiration, a founding document, an endless set of references, and so on. Of course for Liberland. But it doesn't want to be so. Because in such case it would have to be limited and finished. Heavy, massive, oppressively large, like a monument stone, like a tomb stone, while it prefers to be unlimited, opened, torn, ragged, scattered, like a swarm of butterflies, like a golden fog over the meadow . . . . . . interesting - I have never seen any golden fog, nor a goldish one, nor even gilded – fogs are always silver or silverish or silvered or silver-white or grey-white – but maybe a fog can be gold, maybe it happens from time to time, you need to watch the world around you more carefully, extremely carefully . . . . . . .
In the case of the catalogue you will have no choice at all. And even if you make a choice, then you will choose at most a vision, a delusion, a book that does not exist. A book that nobody has written, nobody has reviewed and described. A book that was not invented to pretend a real book since a fictional character can not write a real book. This is the catalogue of the imagined books. Of the books that will be written – that maybe will be written – provided they can be written – it may happen at least some of them can not be written - - - - - So, maybe it should be the catalogue of the impossible books. Impossible books sounds better than delusion books. Delusions are quite real and possible. And usually have very bad opinion – they must be dark, tenebrous, gloomy, overpowering, pushing someone into the abyss, plunging into a cruel madness – while they, the books, can be bright and light, can be a swarm of golden honey bees - - - - -